Moving Harrison Forward

New Leadership for a Better Town

moving Harrison forward

New Leadership for a Better Town



Harrison town government is at a turning point. A decade of leadership by the current administration is coming to an end. We believe residents yearn for a different kind of government, one in which power is shared widely, rather than confined to a few.

Moving Harrison Forward intends to return local government to its roots, as a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. We intend to elevate your role as active participants in making Harrison a better place to live. Your knowledge of Harrison is an untapped resource that holds the key to solving our community’s problems.

Our commitment to you involves total transparency and total resident engagement in town government. This means we will inform you of important developments well in advance of their reaching the point of no return. It also means we will seek out and embrace all viewpoints, which evidence has shown leads to better outcomes.

Other aspects of our commitment to you involve honesty and fairness. Deliberations will take place under the public eye and there will be no favoritism or cronyism.

You and other Harrison residents are our inspiration. We intend to unite your and our talents and energy into a connected and cohesive force for good to attain Harrison’s full potential.


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Link to: About Frank GordonLink to: About Rachel BerkeyLink to: About Adam Weiner

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